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William Mancuso - President and CEO

Mr. Mancuso brings 30 years of strong commercial perspective to the Federal Government and Industry in Enterprise Systems Deployment and Innovation. He leads and guides capatains of industry and the technology challenges each face. Mr. Mancuso has led industry in Cyber Security, Application Modernization and the rapid deployment of innovative technology and solutions to our clients. 

Mr. Mancuso is the recipient of many awards including Business Intelligence, Data Management and Best Industry Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA).

He is a frequent speaker at innovative technology conferences and is a leader in many technologies such as Cyber Technology, Graph DB Technology and Modern Enterprise Data Driven applications.

Patricia Giesler - Managing Partner and Chief Innovations Officer of IMSC Innovators

Patricia Giesler is a Managing Partner and Chief Innovation Officer of IMSC Innovators. Patricia has 15 years of experience in current and emerging trends, practices, and Information Technology with application to the Energy and Transportation industries across government and the private sector. She is innovative and passionate, focused on understanding the needs of the customer and offering solutions.

Patricia has served in the Defense sector for many years, in the roles of Operations and Program Management.  With a solid understanding of how important the role innovation must play in driving program growth in the midst of advancing and disruptive technologies, Patricia identifies creative solutions and new ways of doing business.

Patricia is a member of Leaders Excellence at Harvard Square, a member and volunteer at AFCEA International, a member of the Greater North Fulton Chamber of Commerce, and a member of OnBoard Inc., the leading authority on women in the boardroom for companies in the Georgia. Patricia holds a Masters degree in Information Technology from the University of Maryland.

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